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Maryland's Newly Enhanced Grant Helps Make Your CHP Projects 'Pencil'

Posted by Michael Wright



The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) has announced a program designed to further encourage resiliency in Industrial and Critical Facilities by supporting CHP projects. The grant application deadline is rapidly approaching. Read this blog to learn how you can take advantage of the program.

In support of Maryland’s ongoing efforts to enhance resiliency while also enabling sustainable energy development, the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) has announced a program designed to further encourage Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects. The program targets only Industrial and Critical Facilities including hospitals and healthcare, wastewater treatment plants, as well as essential state and local government facilities throughout Maryland.

These industries have been selected because of the inherent requirement for facility resiliency.

  • These CHP incentive grants range in size from up to $425/kW to up to $575/kW, based on the size of the system, with a $500,000 maximum per project, subject to MEA funding availability.

 This can make all the difference.

  • A CHP system must achieve a minimum system efficiency of 60% based on the Higher Heating Value of the fuel.

 You can do much better. 

  • You may choose to work with a CHP project developer or an energy service company (CHP owner) to install a system for your organization, and enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

 This is where we come in.

  • Grant selection will be determined primarily on a first-come, first-served basis.

 Empower Energies can help you with your application. 


Grant Applications Are Due February 1st, 2016 (projects do not have to be installed and fully-commissioned until January 1st, 2018).

Click below to download our MEA CHP Grant Fact Sheet, or to quickly find out if you qualify for this grant opportunity.


To Learn More About the CHP Grant:

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To See If You Qualify Quickly, Click Below:

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